January 11-23 

 Journey Of The Soul 

Dear Quantum Creator,
As you already know , you are an all capable God/dess, who's creating      this reality Right Now.

Your free will as a sovereign soul, is choosing freely and constantly to be manifested and travel the cosmos between different dimensions, levels of existence and parallel lifetimes,

Learning as you go. 

Choosing planet Earth as your home for now, is an adventurist choice. In these revolutionary times on the planet, your soul is choosing to awaken and to come back to it's essence , to expand into your infinite dimensions as a limitless being , to access your true potential. as individual and as a collective. And from that space, to Create the Life of your wildest most authentic dreams!

Do you feel it beating in your heart? 

This is the time to open up the highest potentials of this life's choice. Re-member your soul's blueprint, Unlock dormant codes within you, and Discover the hidden treasures inside & outside of you, 

For this is your birthright. 

     Live Life From Your Royal Frequency

This is an invitation to explore and unlock ancient wisdom, to strengthen your connection with life, to deepen your connection with your ancestors, and the soul of the Earth.

Explore LOVE.


If you made it here, you are most likely ready to have a Quantum Leap in life!

 We are delighted to Welcome you, dear Creator, God/dess, within the humbling sacred game of the human experience, to our special magical portal !

Quantum Creatorz Experience

Is extending and expanding our world tour, reconnecting back with the sacred portal lands of Mexico in a deep way. 

This is a unique experience to expand into, and ground your Highest Potential into the Now!

As you already know, in this very moment, you are creating your reality! Whether  you're in a very beautiful and happy space in life, or you feel like there is much for you to harmonize, in any aspect, know, that in every NOW moment, you have the ability and opportunity to start something completely new.

Deeply know, that there is much more for you to explore and expand into, as an eternal being, grounded in infinity. Know that it doesn't have to be serious or hard, In fact, your soul's blueprint is designed to Enjoy the ride!

And Know, that We are here, at your service, in this precious divine momentum, following the deep call to Unite our Forces, to guide you deeper through your GREATNESS.

This is an invitation to expand into new realms, as a multi - dimensional being. to remember what your soul already knows and that which has been hidden from you for many generations.

To discover more of the wonders of Creation that are One with you, beyond any illusion of time and space, And with no limitation.

To Reveal your True Godly Power and to EMBODY it.

Join us to the dance of life teachings, as you free and navigate your energy as you wish, to Awaken your playful inner child, to Unlock your Magician codes, to reveal your infinite abundance, to Remember who you truly are.
Alchemize your emotions, open up your heart to new levels of intimacy, Break through self imposed limitations into your Liberation, to discover your hidden treasures,

and use your gifts, to create the change you want to see in the world.

With The Power Of Love.

A Bit Of The Magic We'll Play With:

PRAYformances in sacred sites

Plant medicine (Grandmother) Ceremony

Crystal planting Ceremonies

Ancestral Healing

Vocal Healing of the Earth


Metaphysic knowledge

NEW Earth Leadership of the Heart


Shape Shifting

Vocal Activation

Archetype Theater Impro

Sovereignty Language

Creativity Activation

Emotional Alchemy

Activation of the 6 sense

Abundance & Money calibration

Our Quantum CreatorZ Codes



"After this experience, Life will never 

be the same again!"

When ?

  11-23 of January 2024

13 Days of Soul Initiation, 

Entering through the 1\11 Portal New Moon


Where ?

All Around The Sacred Mayan Lands of

Quintana Roo, Riviera Maya, Mexico

You FULLY Deserve to discover your

fullest and Greatest potential in this lifetime,
to be the infinite master of your own energy, to Create the reality of your biggest dreams from a God's state, to Dance freely as you awaken into your creation, and to play life ABUNDENTLY as your soul truly desires to.

Tune into the Frequency of your Uniqueness.

For your Greatest Good, and the Greatest Good of All!


"Ancient architect from the future"

Helios is our beloved, brother, founder and fire igniter, a SOUL Alchemist with a boundless heart and an infinite talents and skills. With a keen eye for hidden potential and a passion for turning ordinary things into "Gold".

Helios effortlessly channels his artistry into disciplined and devoted creations that inspire many. Living his life as one infinite art piece, He explores different levels of consciousness, plays with the elements of nature, and uncovers ancient codes and secrets of the universe from other dimensions, timelines, planets, and stars. With a background in art, architecture, and bespoke luxury furniture, Helios is a visionary leader who is devoted to co-creating and building the beautiful New Earth through sacred creative expressions. He is a coach of  transformative artistic journeys, where you can fully and freely express yourself, connect with your inner child, and ignite your imagination.

Devoted servant of Pachamama (Mother Earth) and a visionary leader in the conscious community. 

He is the founder of the "HeARTreprenerZ" movement for new earth leaders, were he bridges the gap between the artist and entrepreneur community, with the Blockchain and Bitcoin community, for the rising of the new sovereign economy. 

With his eco-building company, "Kingtek HeARTkiTEKture", He specializes in temple building, and soul- aligned way of living. 

He also co-creates sacred ceremonies and transformative spaces through art, music, nature medicine, and more. Living in Costa Rica among a conscious community and soul family, Helios brings his passion for art, his reverence for nature, and his deep spiritual connection to every facet of his facilitation.

More About Helios:


Talia Sol is a Transformational Coach & Healer , influencer, Medicine - Woman, HeartRepreneur, Musician, Modern Shamanizm practitioner, Ceremonialist, Earth Keeper, Nature Lover,  Traveller, Artist,  Love . 

Accompanied people in processes of personal development, awakening, healing, empowerment and spiritual fulfillment. Cultivating the connection to one's "Higher Self", To Enjoy the process of creating life of Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom, Laughter, Abundance, Unity, Authenticity, Sovereignty, Balance and more. 

Combining different methods, Releasing subconscious limiting beliefs, healing past traumas and reprograming a higher state of consciousness with Love. 

Talia Sol is a Free spirit, grew up with many fears into an "unsafe" environment and reality of war. at the age of 18 she innocently obeyed the system's rules and joined the army. after being medic in jail, dealing with her darkest phases, she decided that she had enough of suffering and started her journey seeking Truth, and real Happines. 

She has travelled the world for 8 years, and already 11 years living as a world citizen. 

Bravely walking the path of the heart, as interacting with the great mystery and facing different challenges with gratitude, she managed to cure herself from physical dis-eases.

On that path of beauty, she is Manifesting constantly the life of her dreams.

Her indigenous name is "Dancing Heart". Her background is Art and Design, 

Today Living her Art passionately through her Heart , Creating healing medicine ceremonies and transformational experiences of many kinds, as well as original music, writing, poetry, retreats, painting , graphic designing, modeling, entrepreneurship.

co createding projects for the blossoming of humanity and the New Earth. In service to mother earth.

Living in the Costa Rica paradise with her Beloved chosen One, Helios, among a beautiful soul family of New Earth Leaders.

More about Talia Sol at 


Soma is a multidisciplinary artist who curates unique experiences and meaningful moments, aligning them with the intention of each event. She approaches her daily life as a ceremony, finding inspiration in sharing her practices and knowledge with others. Her passion is to empower individuals to explore, experience, and transform in a creative way through the powerful tools of art, embodiment practices, and free/authentic expression.

At the heart of Sandra's foundation are values such as transparency, deep presence, deep listening, sacred playfulness, art, creativity, and connection through the heart space. She brings these principles into her work, creating spaces for individuals to connect with their inner selves and express their authentic truth. Sandra believes in the transformative power of art and embodiment practices, and she is dedicated to helping others discover their own unique paths of growth and expansion.

Samadhi is a holder of sacred space and ceremonies, creating opportunities for transformation through plant medicine and somatic,  spiritual healing modalities to tune into guidance to be of service for the process. 

With a deep curiosity of "breaking free" from limiting beliefs, constructs, and mainstream paradigms, she was led on an exploration to uncover potent revelations which she has been integrating and embodying over time to rewire the programations, in turn receiving the beautiful results of the remembrance of the pure flow of being present for life as it is. 

Samadhi holds the gifts of energy healing and expanded consciousness. With the openness to tap deep into the ethereal realms with a far-seeing Shamanic vision to connect beyond the past and future to intuitively see deep into the hearts and souls of others, where using nature and her natural gifts of healings powers can radiate her medicine woman archetype to reflect our sacred purposes so that we may rise together to restore harmony, balance, and healing to humanity and the Earth.

Are You familiar with HeARTrepreneurZ ?

The Big Tree Mama, HeARTrepreneurZ, is a conscious community , started in a couple locations in COSTA RICA, expanded internationally so far to places like Israel, Mexico and Guatemala, weaving a world-wide network, of heart centered people who have dreams\ projects \ soul missions \ businesses, desiring to actualize and bring them into existence, in the most sufficient, Conscious and advanced way available in today's world.

We empower and support these processes of individuals and groups in different ways through different types of meetings and gatherings , as well online groups, always coming from an Wholistic approach. Using different tools such as Sovereignty-Mentorship, Creativity-Activation, Playfulness & Childlike mindset, Ceremonial Experience, Psycho-Magic, Togetherness,

Community, Brain-blooming, using the quantum field, the fabric of all creation.

As well combining the new technologies of Crypto Currency , NFT, Blockchain Spirituality, Plant Medicine, Dreaming, Shamanic Practices, Nutrition and more. for a maximum unique creation of self, with a maximum energy exchange of Real Abundance, with grounded values, and in harmony with the Earth.

We Are The HeARTtrepreneurZ of the New Earth.

Ever-growing Family.

Unity Consciousness

And being part of mastermind family

The TresOR

Creative Temple

Our Creative Sanctuary In The Jungle of Costa Rica

Embracing Innovative Technologies in Your Conscious Business and Artistic Processes

" I’ve been attending to the early June retreat on a very spontaneous decision. Didn’t know what to expect at all and I’m grateful that I didn’t because you can’t expect that kind of experience. 

My inner child was dancing la Macarena all over my chest with so much playfulness, creativity and inspiration. 

I already had some cognitive perspective about the new paradigm coming in earth, but this is about embodiment. Getting to embody the sovereign version of yourself and doing it in a playful way. 

I really see this retreat as a great kindergarten where I could experiment parts of myself that I’ve been afraid to meet. I could finally touch and change the fawning behavior that has putted me in so many uncomfortable situations. 

Thanks to Talia, Helios, Soma and Samadhi and all the other attendees, I’m getting out of this experience with so much more confidence in my power."

\Bryan , Quantum CreatorZ Mazunte 

"I am still landing from the powerful liberating experience I had at the retreat. I feel so lucky that I trusted my intuition and signed up for it, Talia and Helios are magical people at the highest levels on this planet! 

I learned so much during these three days - to let go, to trust myself, to be attentive to myself and my body, to let the subconscious lead the brush and go to the uncomfortable places (by the way, that's where the most powerful magic happened). The experience was enveloping and embracing, into the smallest details, full of intention and an abundance of love. the amazing food, the timings, the explanations throughout the retreat, the inclusion in pleasant communication wrapped in warmth and love. You guys are inspiring and admirable,Thank you for all the knowledge, openness, inclusion and the opportunity to be part of this magical retreat with you. It's really challenging to sum up this whole powerful experience, but I'm definitely looking forward to my next meeting with you ❤️

Thank you for everything and the privilege of knowing you."

\ Sapir Levi, 37, Israel

* * * 

"What a pleasure to be part of this weekend RealTreat with such incredible souls!

I'm in awe of what can happen when a few hearts get together and give birth to a creative temple. Allowing for all that wants to happen when we are in our natural state. When we are safe and seen.

When all the noise is peeled away, creativity is our natural state!

Our divine right and power.

So grateful to my dear soul family Helios and Talia. Love you guys beyond words. What an honor to walk this path with you

You're both true Witches and Wizards, weaving this reality into so much yummy goodness, exploding out of us like a fountain of dancing colors. Soo delicious. "

\ Yair Golinkin, 38 , Israel

Previous QC Location:

"Casa Faro", Mazunte , 1-4 th June 2023

Previous QC Location:

"HolistiKa" Sanctuary , Tulum

Previous QC Location:

"ArcoIsis" Sanctuary, San Marcos, Lake Atitlan. 16-19 of MAy 2023

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To Anchor the magical elevated frequencies & codes of this QUANTUM EXPERIENCE even deeper in your body temple, being, and Soul. Helios will be offering you the opportunity to receive a channeled Ceremonial Hand Poke Mystical Soul Tattoo, in a special powerful Mayan location

~ in a special additional price for our tribe only ~ 

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